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St. Mary's of Williamston

Mrs. Phyllis Hammang

Born on July 19, 1948 to Irene and Ernest Schramm, Mrs. Hammang spent her early years in Lincoln Park, Michigan where she was a member of Christ the Good Shepherd Parish. She attended the parish school and after graduation she attended Cabrini High School in nearby Allen Park, Michigan where she met her future husband, John Hammang. Phyllis graduated with honors from Cabrini High School where she was an editor for the award winning school newspaper and a soloist for the Choraliers.

She married John Hammang five days after her graduation from Marygrove College in Detroit, MI. Together they had three daughters: Eileen Marie, Karen Lynn and Shannon Marie. Eileen and Shannon have now married and between them Mrs. Hammang is the grandmother of four grandsons and two granddaughters.

Mrs. Hammang and her family have lived in a variety of places in Michigan's lower and upper peninsulas. She moved to Virginia in 1993 and worked both as a teacher and principal in the Diocese of Arlington Schools for 23 years.

She, her husband and her daughter, Karen, moved back to Michigan in 2015 following John's retirement.

Mrs. Hammang and her family now live in Brighton Township.


  • 2004 George Mason University, Fairfax VA, Endorsement in Administration and Supervision
  • 1982 Marygrove College, Detroit, MI, M. Ed. Cognate Area: Reading
  • 1970 Marygrove College, Detroit, MI, B.A. Education, Major: History/Social Studies

  • 2013 In-service training - Brain Based Learning - All Saints Catholic School
  • 2012 - in service training - Differentiation of Instruction - All Saints Catholic School
  • 2009-2012 - in service training - Curriculum Mapping and Monitoring - various Diocese of
    Arlington Virginia school sites as well as University of Virginia campus Charlottesville, Virginia
  • 2006-2014 - in service training - Interactive white board training - All Saints Catholic School
  • 2004-2009 classes and seminars on teaching special needs students - Northern Virginia Community
  • 1985-1992 Northern Michigan University Glenn T. Seaborg Center for Math and Science, Marquette, MI
    -coursework in Science Education

  • State of Michigan 30-Hour Continuing Certificate: Elementary K-8 All Subjects, History (CC) 6-12,
    Social Science (CX 6-12)
  • Virginia Postgraduate Certification - K-9 All Subjects, 7-12: History and Social Studies, Administration
    and Supervision PK-12, Early Primary Education
    PK-3, Elementary Grades 3-6, Middle Education Grades 6-8, Educational Standards have been met
  • Virginia Child Abuse Recognition and Intervention Requirements have been met
  • Virginia Emergency First Aid, CPR, and AED training requirements have been met
  • Diocese of Arlington, Virginia: Protecting God's Children (Virtus Program) updated each year
  • Advanced Catechist Certification - Diocese of Arlington, VA


    Dates Location Professional Duties
    2016-2018 St. Marys Catholic School - Williamston, MI Grades 4 & 5 all subjects
    2006-2015 All Saints Catholic School - Manassas, VA Grade 6 Homeroom; Science 6-8
    1998-2006 St. Andrew the Apostle -Clifton, VA Principal K-8, Director of Preschool
    1994-1998 St. Andrew the Apostle School - Clifton, VA Grade 8 Homeroom, Social Studies/Lit 6-8
    1993-1994 St. Andrew the Apostle -Clifton, VA Grade 5 self-contained teacher
    1992-1993 Father Marquette Middle -Marquette, MI Grade 6 Homeroom, Social Studies 6-8
    1984-1992 Bishop Baraga Catholic - Marquette, MI Grade 6 Homeroom, Science 6-8
    1983-1984 Bishop Baraga Catholic -Marquette, MI School Librarian K-8/ in-house sub K-8
    1981-1983 Christ the Good Shepherd - Lincoln Park, MI Grade 6 Homeroom, Reading/Math/English - 6
    1978-1981 Christ the Good Shepherd-Lincoln Park, MI Grade 3 all subjects, Grades 3/ 4 Reading
    1972-1978 St. John Bosco School - Redford, MI Grade 3 all subjects/Grade 7 Religion

    Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
    - William Butler Yeats

    In my classes students are actively engaged in learning how to think, not just learning facts. Student success is important to me. As I tell my
    students, "If you fail, I am not doing my job well. With God's help, together we will meet the challenges of learning and enjoy learning how to learn." Frequently, I begin classes using the Socratic method of questioning, a classical education device in which I pose provocative questions to students relevant to their personal experiences and elicit their feedback. I assure students that it's OK not to be right all the time.

    Some of the other learning methods I use include:

    • Memorization
    • Manipulatives
    • Art
    • Games
    • Lessons in logic
    • Attention to reading comprehension - Vocabulary is highly stressed
    • Emphasis on composition including correct grammar and spelling

    Parents are a critical component of the learning process. As primary educators of children, they must know what is going on in the classroom to be supportive of the teacher. At the beginning of the school year, I meet with parents to discuss disciplinary policies, plans for the year, homework policies, and schedules. I maintain a website in which I daily record what homework, if any, students have for the day and any upcoming tests, projects, or special activities. I write e-mails and phone parents to compliment students as well as bring concerns to parents' attention.